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2020 Rotoworld Mock Real League

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I don’t mind pushing transactions through quickly.   Entering the players just took longer than usual.   It ends up office time is a lot more productive for fantasy than family time. 

He dmed me that he wants josh Rosen 

Let's do it again ! ... kidding. sort of.  thank you as always for helping put this together. 

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1 minute ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

Lets put a dollar a point on our head to head matchup

ex champ vs ex champ


Side bets are fine by me but let's wait until the draft is done to iron out details. I'll give you action though, no worries.

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2 minutes ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

Same, too bad rodgers was sitting there like a polo at goodwill with the 0.99 tag monday morning once they changed the colors for the week


He's not even the best Aaron on his own team.



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56 minutes ago, mrblonde1984 said:


He's not even the best Aaron on his own team.



Theres a difference between early second round and 9th round, my aaron is ready for this bet, do u do paypal? Dollar a point, ur team exposed without cmc to bail u out

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