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2020 Rotoworld Mock Real League


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We probably need to pause.  There seems to be some confusion about what happened.

Either Doc picked for BrokenB, in which case Doc is in the clock, or he picked out of turn and the last 2 picks will be removed and broken is on the clock.


I sent Doc a PM about 5 minutes after he posted that pick, to get clarification, but no response.


Put BrokenB back on the clock.

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2 hours ago, predator_05 said:

I Left my picks with ever reliable gym class hero @1972Miamidolphins



Fun fact, i was called spiderman in gym, i was a top four fantasy pick in dodge ball, i had a noodle arm but i was elusive, i would catch the throws and it came down to me, i would roll the balls back to the jocks, and they would try their “pitcher” curve balls at me and we would eliminate them by catching, they once had a car full of them going down the main small town road and tried to bully me, i had a mustang and burned them, and they never found me

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