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2020 Rotoworld Mock Real League

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I don’t mind pushing transactions through quickly.   Entering the players just took longer than usual.   It ends up office time is a lot more productive for fantasy than family time. 

He dmed me that he wants josh Rosen 

Let's do it again ! ... kidding. sort of.  thank you as always for helping put this together. 

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7 hours ago, ToO_BaD said:

Philip Rivers.  

Now @DocJ on the clock.  But should we give him Herndon since that’s who he accidentally drafted earlier?


pretty clear Doc wanted Herndon, I don't see a reason to hold up the draft again. Herndon is still available. @DocJ gets TE Chris Herndon, @mrblonde1984 OTC? 

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13 hours ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

Fun fact, i was called spiderman in gym, i was a top four fantasy pick in dodge ball, i had a noodle arm but i was elusive, i would catch the throws and it came down to me, i would roll the balls back to the jocks, and they would try their “pitcher” curve balls at me and we would eliminate them by catching, they once had a car full of them going down the main small town road and tried to bully me, i had a mustang and burned them, and they never found me


What happened next? Did you find a dead body in the woods?

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I select: The most explosive/talented WR on the Indianapolis Colts and the guy who dominated production over Terry McLaurin in college and is looking like Rivers' slot WR heading into 2020 

(WR Parris Campbell)

@mrblonde1984 You're move, sir 

For some perspective, Campbell posted a slightly faster 40 yard dash time than TY Hilton while destroying him in every other measurable relevant to the WR position. A better comp may be Odell Beckham ... who Campbell is slightly bigger than, ran a faster 40 then, and had better vert/broad jump. 

90th percentile or better in 40, vert, broad, 20-yard shuttle ... my favorite WR in the 2019 draft. 

Sorry, this is my favorite part of the draft ... have a lovely day everyone. 

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