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Damien Harris 2020 Outlook

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Tough crowd in here. Expecting a second year back with 4 carries to his name, no offseason, no preseason, a few practices under his belt, to hit every hole and have instant chemistry with the offenive

Before Harris played: Stash him he could be a league winner! After Harris played and ran for 100 yards: I don't know, is he really worth it?  Truly befuddling. Wasn't that exactly was you wer

Think you meant bellcow but I'm always up for more cowbell too

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7 minutes ago, BIGFATPANDA said:

Here comes c-block Michel...

yup. love Harris and the way he runs. love the matchup. Hate Belichick and his tendency to zig when we all think he's going to zag. He's going to give 6 different running backs 5 touches, but no more. Or Michel comes back and gets 30 touches and then disappears forever. Or maybe they bring Corey Dillon out of retirement and make him the starter...

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Yeah, Harris is a monster, but no one in this backfield can be trusted fantasy wise. Harris is an absolute monster of a player (as is the NE O-line) with his rushing average against 40-45% stacked boxes, but too crowded and 0 passing work. I can easily see a world where Michel is inactive or just takes 2-3 carries, but just him being there, the chance that he takes more and gets hot or Harris gets cold, not worth the risk.

Maybe next year we'll see Harris molded into more of a feature back with some designed screens and passing work.

Not going to drop him, but can't see myself playing him short-term unless I'm desperate.

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5 hours ago, MadMaxMariota said:

Anybody worried about Sony eating into his touches?

He's been so much better than Michel there's no real reason to be IMO. That said, if I owned him I admittedly would be. I really didn't think we'd see Michel again this year. 

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I’m holding Harris in my flex spot until I see who the game day inactives are and if any news comes out right before the game. They could say Michel is just injury insurance since Harris has been banged up a bit in practice, or perhaps James White will be an inactive.

I don’t think Michel is going to get the ol’ Billy B 30 carry switcheroo special. That being said if all four backs are active and no gameplan comes out, I’m benching Harris even if he’s in line for 15 carries.

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Hope he gets some passing work now with Burkhead likely done for the season. Pats were weird on this one. Harris ran it down their throats in the opening drive, game was close for a couple quarters, but he never saw the field again until Burkhead went down.

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13 hours ago, hard1 said:

Classic Bill trying to out smart himself... this should have been a harris game so instead he zags...worst coach for fantasy 

But why did he chose for White all of a sudden. I don't get that. Was Harris injured, or was he afraid for an injury? I really don't get it.

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If I had to guess what happens now, post Burkhead:

  • Sony will be active now and siphon about 15% of 1st/2nd down work
  • Damien will keep the remaining 85% of the 1st/2nd down work and assume 80% of Burkhead's work
  • White will maintain his current role and assume 20% of Burkhead's work


A net positive for Damien I think, and really could be a boon for his effectiveness now that teams won't be able to stuff the box on him.

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