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Jordan Reed 2020 Outlook

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I can’t believe I’m starting Jordan Reed tonight. I can’t believe Jordan Reed is still a thing. I feel like the fantasy gods are looking down, shaking their collective heads at me in disappointment. H

Understatement of the century.

Schefter reporting that he won’t be limited, but that he will be injured.

44 minutes ago, LSUtiger said:


Edit: this is not good:




after that mckinnon fiasco when he was supposed to start and only got 3 touches im still rolling. Not like any other TE outside kelce is reliable

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I’m going Reed because I have no one else, so why not? He could play 10 snaps and still get 8 targets. 

I’m sure he’ll only come in for third down and RZ packages. Mark Andrew’s was used in a similar role early in his career and ate. 

if he gets 2-25, so be it. What else are us Kittle owners supposed to do?

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12 minutes ago, LSUtiger said:

Any new word pregame on him being on a pitch count tonight...? 

Nope no news all i heard was Tony gonzalez saying watch out for Jordan reed 👀

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For those of us who lost an actual TE1 (aka Kittle), are we keeping him and just buying into snap count/easing him in narrative?  It is basically a giant heap of garbage on the waivers anyway, might as well have some upside and hope he becomes a top two option (and somehow the QB play becomes at least NFL level).

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Welp lol that was fun. He didn’t even play 10 snaps. I think it was 5.

the good news is he was targeted on 40% of his routes run 🙃

I can’t imagine he plays that little moving forward. He’ll never play a ton but I’m OK with him getting half the snaps and running 15-20 routes.

not sure why they didn’t use him in the RZ at the very least

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