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10 Team $100 ESPN Baseball, H2H Points, WEEKLY & END OF YEAR PRIZES, LINK BELOW!

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Weekly “BEER MONEY” prizes! Besides your usual fantasy baseball prizes for 1st place, 2nd place, and consolation brackets at end of the season - the opportunity exists to win $50 a WEEK in “Beer Money” based on winning the weekly prize. The reason this is especially appealing in a 60-game season is if your team happens to get off to a 0-3 start you may be eliminated from the playoffs early, but, with a weekly prize available you have a reason to keep playing hard in an attempt to win a weekly prize. The weekly prizes are as follows:

WEEK 1 - Highest Scoring Team

WEEK 2 - Lowest Scoring Team

WEEK 3 - Lowest Combined Pitcher ERA

WEEK 4 - Most team Home Runs

WEEK 5 - Most strikeouts (Hitters only)

WEEK 6- Most stolen bases (Hitters only)

WEEK 7 - Team that ENDS the week with the lowest total points

You will notice some of these prizes include teams actually had the WORST performance of the week. No tanking. If you play benched or injured players you will not be eligible for the weekly prize. If there is a tie in the weekly prize the prize will be split.

Buy in is $100 per team * 10 teams = $1000

League safe payment is required by end of day on Tuesday the 21st or you will be kicked out of the league and replaced.

League Winner =$400

Runner up =$200

Consolation bracket Winner=$50

Weekly Prizes=$350


Consolation bracket based off standard ESPN FBB settings. It can not be modified by me. Please understand how it works (ladder system) and that I cannot modify it.

IMPORTANT: Since there is a threat of this season not being completed here is what we will do. If LESS THAN 5 FULL Weeks are played everything will be VOID and everyone will get thier $100 back … Once 5 FULL weeks are played the season is official. If the season is canceled AFTER 5 full weeks 1st (400), 2nd (200), and consolation (50) will be determined by record with the tie breaker being total points scored. Weekly prizes will be payed out up to the last completed week, and the leftover weekly prize money will be divided between the 10 teams.

Please review the scoring prior to signing up, several changes were made from the standard scoring.

Here is the sign up link: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=85502245&inviteId=f8cecf41-43d3-4f12-b1c7-d366c08ce3b0

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