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BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE is recruiting now for 2021.


I know a lot of you are taking this season off. 


I run a few leagues out of NYC and 2 leagues online


This season, I was able to "squeeze" out two leagues for the 60 game shortened season.


Some of my guys are into it, most of my guys are not. 


My leagues are 5x5 auction redraft roto leagues.


We use CBS


I've run leagues for over 20 years


Interested in owners 30 through retirement age.


Most of us are in our late 40's through our 60's


We are middle aged men to retirement age who love fantasy baseball and want to play for stakes that make the effort worth the while


I can promise you we are not sharks. 


You have at least 8 months to look over my rules, ask me questions, I'm even willing to send you an invite for this shortened season so you can see if I run a league you'd like to be a part of


I'm in my 50's, live in NYC.


Even though our leagues will be online until there is a cure, I'd prefer "New Yorkers" LOL whether you live here now or used to live here and have now moved elsewhere in this vast country of ours.


I'm also willing to meet up in person (with my mask on) anytime between now and mid March of 2021


Here's my info if you have the slightest bit of interest. I won't hound you.




or text or even do what we used to do 20+ years ago and call. 


718 687 3251


Stay Safe Gentlemen


I also run fantasy football leagues and fantasy hoops if you enjoy them as well. 


Ed Kelly





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Yes, $1000 per team (18 teams) $18,000 prize pool


If you're genuinely interested I can log you onto my league right now during this season so you'll know what to expect for next season


This season we cut the league fee down to $500 per team because of the shortened season


And we are all very happy we have a season despite the canceled games, postponements. We're enjoying it very much


I also run football and Hoops leagues too



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Strike 1: Doesn’t use LeagueSafe when it’s standard procedure in 2020. He wants people to hand over $1,000 to a stranger with no legal protection. 


Strike 2: Bumps the thread every few days despite a seeming lack of interest.


Strike 3: Panicking over Covid and waiting for a “cure”, when the rest of us are back to our normal lives while waiting for the nuts in charge who are still pushing restrictions to do the same. 

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When the cure is found and we return to live auctions, I also live in NYC, you're more than welcome to join my league and you will see it's legit when you show up to the live auction, which I hold in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Please join my league or at the very least show up to my auction and then tell me my league isn't every thing you'd love to see in a league.


And obviously you have nothing better to do than $hit on my posting when you know nothing about me but you make assumptions. 


I already know your type. Trouble maker who plays in free leagues or leagues with entry fees of less than $50. Do you still live at home with Mommy?


You joined rotoworld in 2015 and average two post a day. That's every day for over 5 years. 


Dude, C'mon. Find some other venue to vent your frustrations instead of giving me a hard time. 


My leagues are legit.


Don't you concern yourself with whether I use league safe or not. 


It's not your concern.


Here's my number, 718 687 3251, give me a call.


Or are you just a miserable person?


I'd be money you're younger than 30 years of age.


You are exactly what my league doesn't want. 


A young wise guy looking to start some $hit. 


I'd really love for you to show up to my auction. 


I'm posting here over 13 years and no team owner who has ever been in my leagues has had a bad word to say about BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE OR BUZZ'S FANTASY HOOPS LEAGUE OR BUZZ'S FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE. 


But go ahead and bust balls you punk


Ed Kelly







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