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Roberto Osuna 2020 Outlook

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Removed from the bump last night in the 9th with shoulder discomfort. He solicited for trainers to and come take a look after facing just 2 batters. Flying back to Houston for an MRI today. IL stint looks to be imminent and Dusty Baker carried an ominous disposition when asked about it by reports after the game.

Stuff like this occurring, especially for pitchers, is no surprise this season, considering the lack of ramp up for these guys. And with Osuna, that lack of ramp up was magnified even further when you take into account that since the end of the 2019 season, he hadn't so much as even thrown from a mound until not much more than a week ago.

The closer role in Houston is a plush job. Ryan Pressly (who's had ailments of his own, and until last night, had yet to have thrown a pitch this season) is the top candidate to fill in for the role in both the short term and long term if Osuna were to require a lengthy IL stint. 

This is a situation worth monitoring.

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5 minutes ago, Ecofolux said:

So when the Astros said he needed to be "stretched out" and that he was fine....they were lying? Did they know this whole time his arm was jacked up?

Highly doubt they were lying, as it would serve them no purpose to do so. What they were doing, however, was being foolish/stupid/ naive/idiotic (take your pick) in trying to rush him into action after an entire offseason and all the way into the middle of the summer, without having taken part in any throwing activities - team sanctioned or otherwise - apart from having him throw a couple mound sessions, crammed in no more than 7-8 days before springing Osuna into live regular season Major League Baseball game action. Look no further for your culprit, because that’s it right there. Osuna faced all of, what, 4 & 1/2 batters, before damaging his elbow to the point of requiring Tommy John? So, no the Astros weren’t lying, they were just being aggressively egregious.

I’d also call into question the Stros good-faith in rushing Osuna back into action on a wing and a prayer. Reason being is that Osuna’s contract runs out after 2020. Now, to be clear, I’m totally speculating here, but I have a strong suspicion that Houston prefer Osuna voluntarily opt-out this season so they could retain him for 2021, where he’d have plenty of time to get fully ramped up and ready to go in the months leading up to said 2021 season....

But when Osuna did no such thing, and with the 2020 season shortened to just 60 games, and with Houston knowing full-well that this was going to be Osuna‘s last season under contract with the squad, with no likely no intentions of resigning him at whatever the market was surely to dictate for a high-end, proven closer....well, the Astros were probably a whole heckuva lot looser with the risk they were willing take-on with regards to Osuna's long term health prospects.

Again, I want to be crystal clear here in that this is all entirely speculative on my part. I have no inside information nor any sourcing on this, and certainly no proof at all, whatsoever. For all I know, Houston was fully transparent with Osuna about the risks, and it was Osuna who insisted on pushing forward to get back there out on the field in short order.

That said, through the sheer application of logic and reason, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if - whether Houston was above board with Osuna about the risks or not - what I described in speculation was indeed the perspective Houston took on the matter. Either way, we’ll never know. The only thing we know for sure is, Osuna is done for 2020 and possibly beyond. I feel for the guy. On many levels, a huge bummer for him. Although, selfishly speaking, glad I have Ryan Presley tucked away on the squad.


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