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12 Team 3rd Year Keeper League Needs 1 Owner-PPR-$200 Entry

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Have one open team for keeper FF league.  $200 entry fee.  I'll send you the details, if interested.  Pretty standard PPR.   Team has Rodgers, L. Bell, Green.  You keep in the round you drafted. 
1st Place $1,200
2nd Place $600
3rd Place $300
$100 Top Scoring Week, Top Scoring Season & Best Record (Tie Breaker #1 H2H, #2 Later Draft Position)

July 15th-Entry Fee Deadline
August 15th-Keeper Selection Deadline
September 9th 9 pm ET-Draft

You are allowed to keep up to 4 players. The kept player will be drafted in the round they were selected the year prior. If a kept player was a waiver pick, they will be drafted in the round they were selected the year prior. If you have two keepers in a given round, the next earlier round will be used. If a player was a waiver pick up and not drafted the year prior, the player will be drafted in the last round possible.

Draft Order
1st-7th Place
2nd-8th Place
3rd-9th Place
4th-10th Place
5th-11th Place
6th-12th Place
7th-5th Place
8th-6th Place
9th-4th Place
10th-3rd Place
11th-2nd Place
12th-1st Place
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