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1 Orphan 50 Team NCAA themed IDP Devy Dynasty

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Hey guys, the Texas Longhorns are open. League fee is $125 & payment is due by Saturday. This is also when we begin drafting.

Rosters are 80 players and Taxi Squad is 10. Any player can be promoted/demoted from TS at any time.

This league has a Youtube channel with weekly ranking reveals as well as Playoff previews/reveals.

we use Group me for communication & leaguesafe for money.

Here is an example of a video from last season

Total Starters: 35
Number of Starting QBs: 2
Number of Starting RBs: 3-6
Number of Starting WRs: 5-8
Number of Starting TEs: 1-4
Number of Starting DTs: 3-4
Number of Starting DEs: 4-5
Number of Starting LBs: 6-7
Number of Starting CBs: 4-5
Number of Starting Ss: 3-4
Total Number of Starting Individual Defensive Players: 21

There are 5 conferences,
ACC, B10, B12, SEC & Pac 12.
You can think of this as a super league. The 5 conferences are all their own leagues.. it's 5 leagues within a league. Meaning, there will be 5 separate drafts with 5 different player pools. You can't trade with other conferences. Being champ of this is ultimate bragging rights. It's hard enough to win a 10 team dynasty, you have 49 other teams to beat.
The Draft will be very deep, We will be starting QB, RB, WR, TE, DT, DE, LB, CB, S.
The initial draft will be followed by a 1 round "scholarship" draft. The Scholarship draft is the devy draft where you can select and retain rights of players still in College. You can trade their rights, or scholarship picks as well. In the offseason there will be a 7 round Rookie draft, followed by a 7 round supplemental draft (Free agents), followed by the 1 round scholarship draft. There will be no waiver wire throughout the season, those players will be available in the supp draft.
Matchups will be single headers, The beginning of the year will be non conference scheduling, you select your non conference opponents every year. After non-conference you play your entire conference.

There will be a ranking committee and I will accept applications for teams to join. Ideally, I would like 2 teams from each conference on the ranking committee. The Ranking committee is a weekly commitment. The rankings will have to be submitted by Tuesday as Wednesday I will be posting fun weekly articles, starting rivalry's, providing stats, match ups of the week & even doing interviews among owners. Using committee criteria & best judgement the committee members will submit Top 25 rankings each week and the Official AP top 25 will be the 10 rankings averaged out. With that being said the Committee will be responsible for Seeding the 16 team playoff, as well as bowl games.
After conference play is over, The top 2 teams in each conference will play a championship game. If you win your conference you get an automatic playoff birth.

Sugar bowl 17 vs 18 $125
Rose bowl 19 vs 20. $125
Fiesta bowl 21 vs 22 $125
Orange bowl 23 vs 24 $100
Cotton bowl 25 vs 26 $75

Minor bowls
Peach bowl 27 vs 28 $50
Citrus bowl 29 vs 30 $50
Outback bowl 31 vs 32 $50
Gator bowl 33 vs 34 $50

6-10 74$ Each = $370
Conf Champs $200 each x 5 teams = $1000

Elite 8 (win a playoff game) $100 x 8 teams = $800
Final 4 (win another) $200 x 4 teams = $800

Runner up gets $700

Champ gets $1700

League fee will be split evenly among 50 owners. Very high scoring, IDP players are very important. This is a long term league, Only serious owners for the long haul please.

Picks 1-7 = Rookie picks 1-7

Picks 8-14 = Supplemental (Free Agent) Picks 1-7

Pick 15 = Scholarship pick.

This is the roster
https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2020/ ... =07&F=0023

scoring https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2020/ ... 60856&O=09

Draft capital for 2020. 21 & beyond is normal

3.07 27 Texas Longhorns
4.07 37 Texas Longhorns -
5.08 48 Texas Longhorns - [Pick traded from Iowa State Cyclones.]
7.07 67 Texas Longhorns -
8.07 77 Texas Longhorns -
10.07 97 Texas Longhorns -
11.07 107 Texas Longhorns -
11.08 108 Texas Longhorns - [Pick traded from Iowa State Cyclones.]
12.07 117 Texas Longhorns -
13.07 127 Texas Longhorns -
14.07 137 Texas Longhorns -
15.07 147 Texas Longhorns -

Any questions, let me know.

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