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Tyler Higbee 2020 Outlook

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Surprised not to find a Higbee thread yet. After deep diving a player I wasn't that interested in but was still available in a NFFC 4 hour draft at pick 100 I came away interested. Higbee had a 4

But it would be equally stupid to forget how awesome he was once given the opportunity.  Everett is a fine player, but never came remotely close to that sort of production.  And it’s not as if McVay f

He did look good reminds me of lighter Kelce

Just now, GreatestShowonTurf said:

Is Everett the play here or are we condemned to streaming?

Stream. And Higbee can be a solid stream in the right match-up, but we need more evidence that he'll be featured a bit. They will likely just suck each others value going forward, it wasn't until Everett went down last year (and the schedule was set up perfect) for Higbee to emerge. Stinks but this is a run first team that will go thru their top 2 WRs when needing to throw.

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7 hours ago, BGDDYKWL said:

As much of a bust as he's been, the wire's so bare I'm not sure you could do a whole lot better. 

Writing is on the wall.  Too many mouths to feed, Everett is the better athlete.  Higbee ran like 3-4 routes last game.  The dream is over.  I grabbed Tonyan and am not looking back.

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The problem for some is the wire is so bare your option is essentially Higbee or Everett. 

No question any chance of Higbee being productive this year is long gone. 

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