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25 minutes ago, brooklynfinest42 said:

does anyone know why Jordan Montgomery not starting or is he starting the 2nd game?

He was matched up against Wheeler in the first game of the DH. Now its listed as Happ, no idea why. He's possibly in the second game still, but not sure. They have that matchup against Nola as undecided.

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9 hours ago, Ecofolux said:

Villar better get a SB during his double-header today!

Would be nice. He and Lorenzo Cain were supposed to be my SB guys. 🙄

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2 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

clevinger with a pimp limp walking off at the end of inning.

I think he might have tweaked an ankle or something. He landed funny but it didn't look too bad

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1 minute ago, colepenhagen said:

turned it but think they said they dont update inj during games?

Thanks anyway.  If anyone hears anything please relay.  I suspect they would update something during the broadcast if the Nats disclose, but you are right they might not.  As a Jays fan, there's someone outside of the broadcast booth that does sometimes update if the team advises.  Fingers crossed. Wondering if it is his neck again.

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