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QB/TE first strategy


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PPR mostly normal 12 team

Anyone take the best QB + best TE, knowing you don't have to worry about streaming and just load up on a ton of RB/WR for the next 12 or so rounds?

I'm the type of guy who is active on FA and waivers and can always seem to get some sweet pickups throughout the year.   Last year McLaurin, Chark, NE D.

If I got Mahomes/Lamar and Kelce/Kittle, I got rounds 3-14 to get 7rbs/5wrs knowing i really only need 2 of the rbs to hit and 3 of the wrs



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10 minutes ago, AlexxelA said:

If I got Mahomes/Lamar and Kelce/Kittle, I got rounds 3-14 to get 7rbs/5wrs knowing i really only need 2 of the rbs to hit and 3 of the wrs

In .5 PPR, the difference in expected points for a first round RB (say Cook, Kamara, Elliott) or a 3rd rounder (say Gurley/Fournett/Carson) is about 5 points per game (60-80 over a season).

For QB, that difference is much lower. LJax was a huge exception last year, but if we exclude him, then the difference in points per game between the QB2 (Mahomes) or the QB8 (Brees, drafted in the 7th round) is minimal, most of those QBs are around 20 ppg. Even the drop to QB14 is relatively small (17-18 ppg).

So the only reason to draft a QB that high is because you are convinced that LJax is the chosen one and will score that high again. Which, I would remind you, people also thought Mahomes would do, and Watson before him, etc etc. There is a huge variance from year to year and chasing last year';s points is quite dangerous with QBs.

Now TE, which in your case would be in the second round. A second round TE would be Kelce/Kittle (12 ppg), a 5th rounder would be Andrews/Waller (11 ppg), a 8th rounder might be Henry/Cook/Hooper (8-10 ppg). I'm a bit more of a believer there, but just remember you won't be the only one reaching for the top-2.

Let's also compare that to WR's in the 2nd - 5th - 8th round: we're talking Evans/Godwin (15 ppg) vs Metcalf/Chark (10-12 PPG) vs Cooks/Jones (8-10 ppg). Again, I think picking the WR first and the TE later makes more sense.

It's good to follow your own path, but drafting QB/TE first is probably not the most effective strategy.

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Haven’t done my real drafts yet but in a number of mock drafts I’ve completed when having the no.1 pick on the odd occasion Kittle was at 24 and then followed that up with LJax. Would obviously have to have a bit of luck on that scenario but a CMC, Kittle, LJax combo would be mighty formidable. Generally though if you draft a qb or te early you normally are best to fill the other of those much later in the draft. Either way it’s a strategy that I don’t think you can premeditate, it’s more perhaps how the pieces fall within your draft and whether an unorthodox approach looks good. With this in mind based off rankings best chance to accomplish this combo in a snake redraft would be from position 1 or 2.

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better auction strategy than snake as you can get better quantity and quality if you want to build around mahomes/kelce

i think mahomes is in a class by himself even fantasy wise.


i have seen some good te options fall in my drafts, even that 2nd tier with ertz/andrews. aalot of people going for that cheap breakout target later (hock, mike, fant, ect)


dont see getting both qb and te it as a viable option in 12 team snake with ur front 2 picks. one or the other is doable

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