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Looking to Join a Fantasy Football League

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Apparently my fantasy football league is balking at the idea of having a season this year. This is a total bummer for me because I love fantasy football, and I look forward to competing every year. If COVID-19 becomes an issue and the NFL shut downs, whatever, I still want to try.

I am wondering if there is another league out there looking for a competitive player who actively engages every week. I prefer ESPN or Yahoo platforms, 10 or 12 person leagues, 1-point PPR, and a live draft, however I am flexible and open to other options. I like playing for money and prefer a league fee, but that isn't necessary if the league is active and competitive. I would like to join a league that I can participate in annually. If you have a league or know of a league looking for another player, please let me know!

Thank you for considering.

P.S. I live in Wisconsin, so if there are any Wisconsin leagues out there, that would be cool, however that's not necessary.

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High scoring... pretty standard stuff, etc...


10 starters, 6 bench, 2 flex, PPR, bonuses for qbs, wr, & rbs with 40 yd tds, etc... 

4 Divisions. 6 make playoffs. Can start two quarterbacks. H2H.


12 teams Yahoo.

$2,000 first place, $1,000 second place, 

$700 third place, $500 4th place.

$400 fifth place, $200 6th place.


$400 entry.

Snake Drafting 9.7.2020 (Labor Day), 7pm CDT


Been running leagues for 20 plus years.

Wanted to kick it up a notch this season.


*Due to the popularity, please pay right away in LeagueSafe.

Or, your Yahoo team may be removed to make room for those that paid.


This league filled up very quickly last year.


Yahoo FFL:









We want you!






Email with any questions.

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12 Team, 3 Division, CBS SportsLine 11th Year, Keeper League, LeagueSafe

I need one more owner for my 11th year keeper league on CBS SportsLine.

League Fees are $120 through LeagueSafe

16 man rosters, PPR, FLEX, fractional scoring with bonuses, draft pick trading

6 teams make the playoffs, 3 Divisional Winners plus 3 Wildcard Teams.

Online Draft scheduled for Tuesday, September 8, 8 PM Eastern.

Email dafter.flash@gmail.com if interested or if you desire more information.

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