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Yeah if you can sneak a guy on to 2nd base without the other team noticing he stays.


Hello it's Dylan Bundy Day.

Go Frankie. Starting to look like the most underrated pitcher in baseball. He's a top 10-15 arm at this point, yeah?

Ugh, Cease. I didn't cut bait after his last start. I'll start him and hope he goes 5. The White Sox offense should do enough to give you a good shot at grabbing a W. And who knows, maybe he Ks 6 or 7. The Tigers fanned 10 times in less than 5 innings against Gio Gonzo so it's not that big an ask.

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10 hours ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:

Carrasco and Montas seems too easy lol. I'm going Greinke and Montas :)

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32 minutes ago, kmoore1521 said:

Pablo Sandoval to Bundy's sub 2 ERA for the season


Bad Panda GIF | Gfycat


cmon Bundy its the freakin SF Giants.............but i guess some regression was due........sigh

In fairness scoring runs hasn’t really been the issue for the Giants.  

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