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2014... Kanye & Kim are getting married, everyone is doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, going to see Guardians of the Galaxy and listening to "Shake It Off". People can buy weed legally in Colora

Guy hasn't played in the league in years...he was looking about cooked then as well.  Just got signed 11 days ago and people think he is going to come in and put up WR3 numbers lolol.     He

Watch list for me. 


However because of his name someone will likely draft him late when they start getting to the point of not recognizing household names and hold him until it's very apparent he's washed. 


This is assuming he's got enough to make final cut. However, if he signs a deal I would bet he gets enough guaranteed in the signing to ensure he's on the final 53 (or whatever the COVID number is this szn). 

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2 hours ago, Black_Panther said:

Wouldn’t they be better off taking a shot at Antonio Brown despite the suspension?


13 minutes ago, Spyplane said:

That's like picking poisoned wine over cheap grape juice.


10 minutes ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


i'm sure Harbags realizes Dez is the much better mentor for the young'ns in that locker room, amirite?




Yeah, pretty bad when Dez presents a better/safer option, huh?

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On 8/18/2020 at 7:13 AM, pastorofmuppets2 said:


Harbags giving him a go ... Dez a glotified TE by this stage of the game?  

why the hell not - it's 2020, after all 🤷‍♂️


Same age as Julio.

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Hopefully he will get a shot at making a comeback.  This guy is still working hard in hopes of receiving a chance to return to the NFL.

See a lot of videos of him practicing with younger kids and coaching them up.

Still, I doubt the Ravens can support 3 receiving options.  Lamar can barely support Andrews/Hollywood and they are pretty inconsistent week to week.

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Dez looked slow to me competing against air in those workout videos.  But I am not a professional NFL scout.  Baltimore's staff is full of them.  If they are signing this guy, there MIGHT be something there.

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3 minutes ago, Pooskay said:

Dude is done.

I wouldn't even waste time with Antonio Brown. They're all aging. Time flies.

If he was available and you were able to get him in 12-man league, would you say the same? (For Brown and Bryant, but keep in mind this is the Bryant thread)

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