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Dallas Goedert 2020 Outlook

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7 hours ago, rookieadrian said:

Ertz expected to be back 4-6 weeks after placed on IR would have him returning week 10-12, Unfortunaetly with my 4 man bench and injuries on my roster looks like i will have to drop him to play a defense and ride with fant. Was between him or fant, i know goeddert is a better play w.o ertz but he can be back even by next week

Goedert was a top 10 TE last season with Ertz.  In the first 2 games this year, he out targeted Ertz.  I think he'll be fine even when Ertz comes back.

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#PisEdiRin ? 

IF you sat Dallas G this week, you need to re-evaluate your process. In this TE wasteland you can't bench a guy that is on the field running that many routes and seeing targets.

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The TE2 on this team is suddenly the most valuable. When Ertz and Goedert were both on the field, it was Goedert getting the looks. Now with Goedert and Rodgers, Rodgers gets the production. What a frustrating situation. Remind me to reach for Kelce next year. 

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1 minute ago, Jordan Coppington said:

He’s only had 1 good game this year. That was vs WASH, a trash team.


Goedert is fool’s gold

He's been injured and missed 4 games.  Let's see how he turns it around now that he's healthy with easier matchups upcoming.

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To be fair wentz has been so garbage this year. I mean he has 12 int and 9 fumbles. 9 fumbles 🤯 if he wasn’t wentz he would be benched. 
i think goedart will have better hands but until Carson plays better Ave they fix the online goedart might not see consistent looks. 

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One more thing i think ppl are forgetting how 🗑 this position is. 
goedart outscored 






To name a few, TE this week did horrible. Only a couple had over 10 full point PPR points 

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What do you all think about Richard Rodgers outproducing him? Thinking about cutting ties with Goedert. Just hasn't been producing...don't know what it will take for him to produce, other than Wentz somehow playing better

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44 minutes ago, Squidward said:

don't know what it will take for him to produce, other than Wentz somehow playing better


And that's ultimately where the problem lies IMO. Wentz has been atrocious this year, and it's killing all of their skill players' fantasy value.

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On 11/16/2020 at 10:29 AM, ST. STEVEN said:

Just have to stick it out with DG, few TEs see this much action:

62-of-67 snaps, 19 snaps in slot or wide out, 35 routes on 41 Wentz dropbacks, 6 targets.

Nope. Not going to happen. I had enough of DG ...  3 weeks holding so I dropped him this morning. The hammer dropped, I feel great. 115 out of 130 offensive snaps the Eagles last two games (7.3 fantasy points) showed me all I need to see. Evan Engram sees a lot of action... his production is blah. 

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