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Duke Johnson 2020 Outlook

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37 minutes ago, LionKid90 said:

Don’t be shocked if David Johnson doesn’t play another snap for t he Texans. They are likely to let him go after this season. If they’re like 3-8 when he is eligible to return, they might just keep him on IR.

When I made the waiver claim I knew there was a chance David Johnson wouldn’t miss anytime, now we get him for at least three games.


At the very least, if Duke shows well and DJ does come back there is a significant chance the backfield becomes a 50/50 split and Duke still has flex value in PPR. High-end RB2 while DJ is on IR. Giddy up.

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The Duke Johnson thread is the exact same, every single year, no matter what. "Not just a handcuff!" "He's not just a CoP!" "He's the best back on the team." "That guy they signed

Drop him before the game and save yourself the headache. 

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16 minutes ago, Flint55 said:

So much for revenge.  Not one catch when the windy conditions are just begging for RB dump offs.

Seriously, what the hell? The mediocre rushing stats aren’t surprising but 0 catches in a close game with the wind howling? 

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14 minutes ago, Jordan23 said:

He didnt get the opp. Did well with limited carries and not a single reception. Like i said didnt watch the game. Maybe someone can enlighten us

Browns D-Line was getting consistent push, loading up the box (prob because of the weather)...Duke was making guys miss, just couldn't when it was multiple big guys around the LOS. He also showed some nice power (absolutely trucked a safety). Watson has gone away from targeting RBs last month or so, and is looking to all 3 of his WRs on more intermediate stuff. Hopefully that was just some game specific planning, because they absolutely should utilize Duke in space--as well as having him run outside the tackles. All things considered it was a solid day for him:

Duke Johnson Week 10 Carry Chart

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0 targets is baffling to me. You'd think the OC would try and get a little creative here and utilize him in space or at least draw up a couple screens. I know they were stuffed inside the 5 multiple times in the first half and on 4th down ran the most predictable QB draw I've ever seen from ~3 yard line which didn't stand a chance. Overall pretty damn disappointing I'd say considering he played 54 of 57 snaps. The Browns running the hell out of the ball shortened the game and minimized the amount of plays the Texans ran but it's a bummer considering I felt pretty damn savvy snagging him before the David Johnson owner and plugging him in over Ronald Jones (ouch). 

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