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Number of Teams: 14
Scoring Type: Head to Head Points, Point Per Reception
$ Buy in : $15
Money Kept with leaguesafe due once full:  
Majority Vote for payout to winners with Leaguesafe  
Draft Type:



Draft Date: TODAY AUGUST 23rd
Draft Time: 10PM Eastern
Draft Pick Clock: 90 Seconds
Draft Order: Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time
Quarterback (QB) 1
Running Back (RB) 2
Wide Receiver (WR) 3
Tight End (TE) 1
Flex (FLEX) 2
Place Kicker (K) 1
Bench (BE) 7
Injured Reserve (IR) 4
Every 25 passing yards (PY25) 1
TD Pass (PTD) 6
Interceptions Thrown (INT) -2
2pt Passing Conversion (2PC) 2
Every 10 rushing yards (RY10) 1
TD Rush (RTD) 6
2pt Rushing Conversion (2PR) 2
Every 10 receiving yards (REY10) 1
Each reception (REC) 1
TD Reception (RETD) 6
2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE) 2
Each PAT Made (PAT) 1
Each PAT Missed (PATM) -2
Total FG Missed (FGM) -1
FG Made (0-39 yards) (FG0) 3
FG Made (40-49 yards) (FG40) 4
FG Made (50-59 yards) (FG50) 5
FG Made (60+ yards) (FG60) 6
Team Defense / Special Teams  
Kickoff Return TD (KRTD) 6
Punt Return TD (PRTD) 6
Interception Return TD (INTTD) 6
Fumble Return TD (FRTD) 6
Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD) 6
2pt Return (2PTRET) 2
1pt Safety (1PSF) 1
Each Sack (SK) 1
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK) 2
Each Interception (INT) 2
Each Fumble Recovered (FR) 2
Each Safety (SF) 2
0 points allowed (PA0) 10
1-6 points allowed (PA1) 8
7-13 points allowed (PA7) 6
14-17 points allowed (PA14) 2
18-21 points allowed (PA18) 1
28-34 points allowed (PA28) -1
35-45 points allowed (PA35) -3
46+ points allowed (PA46) -5
Kickoff Return TD (KRTD) 6
Punt Return TD (PRTD) 6
Fumble Recovered for TD (FTD) 6
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML) -2
Interception Return TD (INTTD) 6
Fumble Return TD (FRTD) 6
Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD) 6
2pt Return (2PTRET) 2
1pt Safety (1PSF) 1
regular Season Matchups: 13
Playoff Teams: 7
Weeks Per Playoff Matchup: 1
Buy in $15:   
1st Place Playoffs: $125  
2nd place Playoffs: $40  
Week 11 Most Points Scored: $15  
Week 12 Most Points Scored: $15  
Week 13 Most Points Scored: $15  
* Tie Breaker weeks 11-13 each week: Most points added between QB, Top RB, Top WR, Top Flex  
* Weeks 11-13 We will pay out $15 each week for most points  
scored to keep bottom teams active at end of the year to atleast win  
money back rather then playing with a blank team like I've seen   
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