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JaMycal Hasty 2020 Outlook

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I've been holding McFarland Jr. all year because he is a very similar comp to Hasty. I guess if Connor was out, I would feel somewhat ok about starting him. Just have the sneaky suspicion Jerrick gets the load. 

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Lol.  Everyone becomes Miss Cleo on the day after a game

Watched his highlights again. He's got a wee bit of that Barry wiggle. Would be fun if he got the load.  Zero value added here, gents. Classic Gandalfthecat

Name checks out

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45 minutes ago, harck said:

I see one of four scenarios:

1) Hasty gets 4-7 touches with 20 yards to give Mckinnon a breather and we're all sad.

2) Hasty gets the lead role this week and runs in 2 TDs for 30 points. We all start him next week, Coleman and Wilson are back, and it becomes a committee and he gets 8 points.

3) Hasty becomes Mostert 2019.

4) Hasty gets no touches, Mckinnon gets most touches, Wilson gets some touches.


I'd laugh if 2 becomes reality.

Where is the Hasty is the new Kamara option?

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I’m waiting to hear Wilson’s practice status. If he’s out this weekend I’d have more confidence rolling out the tasty Hasty. 

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Just now, hard1 said:

That's actually an incredible story.

Can't say I've ever heard of a player specifically wanting to go to an organization to work with a particular position coach. Bobby T worked his magic on Devonta Freeman and company, hopefully this kid's next.

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34 minutes ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:

THAT SHANNY IS SOME CARD, EH? 😁 (listen to the whole segment)


My (unbiased) takeaway from this is that Hasty has surpassed Kittle as THE focal point of the entire 49ers offense. 

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Haha that's a good clip. I think it's still too risky for me to start him, but I can see this week definitely being some sort of near 50/50 split with Mckinnon/Hasty with the better performer taking over going forward.

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12 minutes ago, HarambeLives said:

Guy is nothing special lol, not a bad fill in but nothing special. 

He has 12 career touches. What do you think is missing from his game, and does a 49ers RB need to be "special" in order to be a good fantasy option?

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