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$25, ESPN, leaguesafe, superflex, 2qb max, 14 teams, 1pt PPR, 6pt TD, Snake

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$25, ESPN, leaguesafe, superflex, 2qb max, 14 teams, 1pt PPR, 6pt TD, Snake 4 bench spots and 4 IR spots. free agent auction.

There are a few seats open from non returning team managers.

Draft is Sunday at 11am pacific 2pm eastern.

8 teams in playoffs. top six according to win/loss record, #7&8 are based on teams not in playoffs, one is the team with the most points for the season and the other team is the team that scored the most points weeks 10+11+12+13. If you had a rough start, as long as you keep playing you will still have a chance to make playoffs and win.

This is the fifth year of this league, more people decided due to covid and the job and other stuff so we have few more seats open. Whoever pays first gets a seat to play.

Join here


You will be sent an ESPN invitation upon payment.

I am open to ideas about a contingency plan in case is stopped halfway through for covid-19. The league will have poll and vote, with options submitted in league talk during or just prior to the draft or on the discussion board.

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15 hours ago, 1punn11 said:

Spots still?  Payout?

Yes, still spots. Payout will be voted on after draft but most likely something like $200-250 winner, $75-100 for 2nd place and $25-50 for 3rd place.  These have been the ranges that were voted in to payout in previous seasons.

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