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Miles Sanders or Lamar Jackson for 5th round keeper?

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I'm in a 12 team 0.5 ppr redraft league, and have the 10th pick in our upcoming draft. Our draft consists of 1 keeper per team based on last seasons draft, so I'm between both of these players at a 5th round value. ADP says Sanders is the pick, but with my pick and draft strategy I'll be looking to go RB, RB with my 10th and 15th pick. RB's likely to be available are Chubb, Ekeler, Aaron Jones, possibly Mixon, hopefully CEH. 


What would you all do? I've been going into drafts thinking Lamar was the pick but at this point it's looking like Sanders is the no brainer. Thanks!

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I am going to buck the trend and go with Miles Sanders.  Yes, Lamar Jackson had a great 2019 and he will probably have a similar 2020, but I am a firm believer that you can get a solid QB as late as the 7th round and thus use earlier picks to get your other positions established.  Miles Sanders is poised to be THE man in Philadelphia.  Last year, he showed that he isn't just a decent runner, but that he's also good at catching out of the backfield which I can see Wentz having a field day with.  Despite the mystery injury, I would run with Sanders and let someone else blow a second or third round pick on Lamar.


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