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Ryan Fitzpatrick 2020 Outlook

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On 12/3/2020 at 11:41 AM, Joe Mama said:

Just trying to get into Flores head, the only reason why he might want to start Tua is because it's an easy matchup and would help his confidence.

and what is Flores going to do if Cinci goes up and Tua struggles to move the offense?  I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. 

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Jerry Jones should be inquiring about this guy.

This is definitely the game that everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts him in a great matchup and he’s proceeds to piss down his leg. 

It sounds like Fitzy thought he wouldn’t get benched until/unless he had a multi-pick meltdown game, or the Fins had mathematically fallen out of playoff contention. I think making the switch at this

14 hours ago, PackerBacker555 said:

I’m going to SIT him. 
don’t feel confident anymore, especially if tua is even active. The moment Fitz has 2 three and outs, he may get pulled. Throw an INT? Could happen. 
If they are down big? May sit him and let tua get some reps. Who knows??? That’s why I’m not risking him

Completely agreed. Starter or not, if Tua is active, it is super risky to play Fitzpatrick.

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