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Joshua Kelley 2020 Outlook

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5 minutes ago, Proteus said:

I do like. But I wouldn’t be starting him over McCaffrey and Mostert if I didn’t have to, and the certitude of high production in such a small sample size, in a timeshare with an incumbent “stud”, and an offense still finding its identity, is suspect to me.

I hear what your saying man.

Anytime RW makes a guy the 'start of the week' it feels ominous.

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Last one out please turn off the lights

Guess who's currently PFF highest graded RB in pass blocking???.. Youve guessed it! Its Joshua Kelley with a 87.1 rating and 0 sacks/pressures/hurries/hits allowed on 12 pass blocking snaps.  Wh

Not a good gif as this dude dies like 1min after. 

21 hours ago, Proteus said:

Forced to start like many but I can't believe the way analysts are flipping absolutely FLIPPING over him for this weekend. Feels like a set up for a rage drop.

It brings me no joy to have been correctly pessimistic about all the hype.






















Maybe a little.

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2 hours ago, TonyRomo said:

Fumbles and right back in the next drive because Lynn can't afford to overwork his best player (Ekeler), and there was nobody else to ration carries to.




look, i dig this kid ... have him in all my leegs, BUT - don't think for a second a red azz like Lynn wouldn't have sat him down today for Jackson, if he were healthy.

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1 minute ago, Dexter75 said:


Not even close. He was seeing like 20 touches a game when they weren't trailing last few weeks. Besides, if something happens to Ekeler, Kelley becomes a very valuable player. 

From what I saw against the hapless panthers...The Chargers May be trailing lots this season. 

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Arrows pointing down...panthers showed up and the chargers defense was terrible. He needs a positive game script to be worth starting and even then it's Bye week flex level at best. Basically banking on ekeler being hurt or goalline touches.

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Lynn was right, Taylor is a better QB at this point than Herbert.  Some people may be impressed by the yardage because they're looking at the box score but this offense looked mostly listless and confused before some garbage time drives in the 4th Q.

Kelley will have better days, but while Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry owners will be rooting for Herbert, they're a better team with Taylor.

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2 hours ago, zen25 said:

wow, Carolina threw up a surprise. 

Negative game script never gave him enough carries. Low ceiling player, should have sold last week.


Yeah but what are you realistically getting back for him.

Theres way more value in holding him.

It’s still super early in the season & he’s just a rookie.

Only week 3 and you got the league ravaged by injures. 

Kelley is a great bench stash for RB depth + room to blossom further along 2020.

To drop now or trade for peanuts is short sighted. 



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23 minutes ago, Zangief80 said:

All of you who are screaming "drop" I hope are in 10 team leagues.  Who would you pick up in a 12 team or more leagues? 


And if he is your worst player on the bench, you must be ballin!


What drop, I’m in a 10er myself and wouldn’t dream of letting this kid go.

For those of us who are fantasy savvy .. if you know you know. 


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I haven’t seen much chargers but from the looks of it this guy is basically  a rookie level Jordan Howard or Sony Michael except on a poorer offense(which means less goal line). I’ve had those guys in the past and they are no fun to flex when you have to 😞

for those saying he has value if eckler gets hurt, are we sure about that?!? Based on his ypc he looks like a plodder. Wouldn’t eckler work load go more towards JJ’s skills?

im not hating. I started him this week(still won), but I want to know if he’s even the correct handcuff for eckler. 

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