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Joshua Kelley 2020 Outlook

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Last one out please turn off the lights

Guess who's currently PFF highest graded RB in pass blocking???.. Youve guessed it! Its Joshua Kelley with a 87.1 rating and 0 sacks/pressures/hurries/hits allowed on 12 pass blocking snaps.  Wh

Not a good gif as this dude dies like 1min after. 

11 minutes ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


... so was Carolina 🤷‍♂️

last chance saloon for the kid this week ... byes are gonna start forcing hands if he disappoints again. 

Well, he did average over 5 YPC, and they were trailing most of the game. I agree, though, that this would seem to be a make-or-break week for fantasy purposes. If he puts up another dud, it might be time to cut bait, depending on your situation.

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While his role has not really changed much IMO (he is still mostly the early down back and mostly the GL back), I *think* the highest outcome that folks were hoping for is probably gone now.  If you were holding him to see if he took all the work with Eckler out, the answer is no and that ceiling is gone.  If you were holding him in case he is the last man standing, you now only have a few weeks left for that to play out with one injury (Jackson).  Once Ekeler rejoins, you need two injuries.  If you were holding him hoping Herbert would somehow require a strong early down run game, that ceiling also seems to be gone as he is slinging it (albeit mostly to Allen). 

Net net it feels like if you are holding in the hopes of him becoming an RB1 or even consistent 2, the odds are decreasing.  If you are holding to use as a flex or for major RB depth, I suppose that ceiling is still there.


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League winner talk....lol. You actually have to be somewhat competent to be a league winner. You also have to have a good running game and the Chargers may not have one right now without Ekeler. 

He's a drop in 12 teamers if you need someone to improve your team RIGHT NOW

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