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Joshua Kelley 2020 Outlook

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Last one out please turn off the lights

Guess who's currently PFF highest graded RB in pass blocking???.. Youve guessed it! Its Joshua Kelley with a 87.1 rating and 0 sacks/pressures/hurries/hits allowed on 12 pass blocking snaps.  Wh

Not a good gif as this dude dies like 1min after. 

The only reason he WOULD have 5+ catches is if they're forced to use him due to injury. 2 weeks ago it seemed like JJ and Pope had thoroughly overtaken him. Pope is recovering from concussion and JJ hurt his knee so there is hope. 

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Moving on here.

I got excited last week when Jackson went out early, and Kelley still does nothing.  It's pretty clear what they think about him.

I watched that game and Ballage ran hard and had some explosion.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  While Kelley continues to look like a complete JAG.

Will be interesting to see what happens this week with this RB group.  But I'd be betting that somebody out of Jackson, Pope or Ballage will be the one having a big game depending on who is active and Kelley will be the guy getting 7-8 carries and catching a few passes in a relief role.

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1 hour ago, CraftyRighty said:

Any reason he does not have 5+ catches this week?


None really besides the fact that he lacks NFL starting talent and his coaches literally trusted a practice squad backup more than him when push came to shove 🤷‍♀️.

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