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This is a H2H, 7x7 league so SB are not a must like in Roto.  It's really hard to pull the plug on this guy especially since there really isn't much as far as waivers go.  Currently he is filling my 2B/SS slot with Lindor being my main SS.  Best available replacements would be Segura or Adames who are nothing to get excited about.  Also, before someone says try and trade trust me I have...nobody wants the guy.   

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Without the steals he's still not all that valuable, at least this season how poorly he has hit  Especially now that he's hitting so poorly and at the bottom of the lineup not scoring runs either. 


I haven't followed Segura lately but Adames has hit well, chipping in some pop and decent runs. If you can't trade Mondesi even as a throw in, I wouldn't blame you for moving on. I have to hold him in my head to head however for any steals he'll get me. But if steals were a non factor I'd grab someone else myself.

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I was planning to hold longer but the situation is terrible and we're not seeing any signs of life at all. He's racking up quite a few caught stealing as well which really stings. 


He's especially brutal in H2H leagues for anyone still holding or starting in hopes of steals, he's causing other categories to take a big hit and isn't helping at all in that format. 

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