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Mock drafts were a lie - WHIR

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Like everyone else planned on going heavy in RB but WRs kept falling so definitely didn't end up with a team like i thought I would. Drafting 2 RB that might be hurt isn't idea.....


10 team PPR, 10th pick (1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flex, def, k):

1.10 - Sanders

2.1 - Drake

3.10 - Moore

4.1 - Golladay

5.10 - Woods

6.1 - Mclaurin

7.10 - Ingram

8.1 - Chark

9.10 - Swift

10.1 - White

11.10 - Stafford

12.1 - Hurst

13.10 - Bears

14.1 - Gay



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unfortunately, mock drafts rarely ever go as planned, because most people either draft crazy, or they go on auto-draft after the 1st & 2nd rds. 

You have solid team & honestly could trade a WR for a RB, to help with depth. Check the teams that are weak at WR, but have some RB depth, & see if they are willing to trade. 

Or target the team that JK Dobbins, to see if they need a WR. If so, you can pair him up with Ingram & see how that RB group works out. Or if they are deep at RB, trade Ingram & a WR for an upgrade at RB. GL!

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I love doing mock drafts, but as everyone else has said, they're rarely accurate for a number of reasons.  I use them as a guide to get my strategy straight and to try and see which players might be hot, but I never put a ton of faith in them panning out exactly like a real draft.  

I personally like your team, though I am big on the idea of getting Edwards as a handcuff to Drake as I could see that possibly becoming a time-share situation down the road.  Either that, or try and combine Drake and one of your lower WR's in a package deal for a stronger RB.  I'd also agree with the guy who posted before me and see if you can target another RB just so you have some better depth in the event of an emergency.

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