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Should I do this trade WHIR..White for Hurst

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You never know what you are going to get with NE RBs (granted White has primarily remained the pass catching RB), but I’d probably make that trade. 

Hurst should be very productive in ATL. I can’t see your signature on my phone, but if you have some other good RBs, I’d make that trade. 

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I would do it. Ryan did great with Hooper last year even during a down season, and we all know Matty Ice has alternating horrible/great seasons, so I'd expect him to do well with Hurst. And more seriously speaking, you also have Lindsay and Thompson who I think are pretty decent substitutes for White.


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I'd make that trade.  Unless something has drastically changed in how the Patriots' offense is run (and it hasn't), then White is going to be part of the committee and won't be putting up big numbers on a regular basis.  Hurst has a better chance of being productive on your team as a check-down option for Matt Ryan.



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19 hours ago, springtexas1983 said:

So the trade would be My James White for His Hayden Hurst. 


The league is a 12 team full point PPR league and my team is in the signature. 

I generally have all large signatures on "hidden", and on mobile you cannot veiw signatures.

If you feel that you can afford to lose an RB, then you can consider this, but I think Hurst is one of many that have potential. I would even feel fairly safe to leave him on the wire until you need him.

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