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Arenado v LeMahieu Keeper League WHIR

A Real PW

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TLDR: I am playing for bottom 5 lottery for draft position this year so I don't care about anything here other than future value. We had 4 keepers last year, I kept Yelich, Soto, Baez, and Bogaerts. This year we are going up to 5 keepers. I will not keep a pitcher. Have traded Bogaerts to pick up Turner and LeMahieu, now I'm being offered LeMahieu and a first round pick (I have 2) for Arenado and a 3rd round pick.


I think I'm happy with Soto/Yelich/Baez/Turner despite the double SS overlap, just not sure about DJ. Last season was his first playing for NY but he's been tearing it up this year when he's not out of the lineup - could we be seeing him turn into a legitimate 4-cat stud now that he's at the top of a real lineup or is this just smoke and mirrors? If he's producing elite-level numbers I'm not sure giving up a 1st round is worth it, but his age and lack of previous production is a real concern for me.

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