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Keeper Trade - Arenado for Vlad/Tucker

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32 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

Hold onto maple leaf & member of the cheaters, counter offer & move a mt straight up for thin air in a new deal. 

we can only keep 4...I could only keep Maple Leaf or Member of the Cheaters...so then would you rather Thin Air or one of the other two as a 4th keeper?

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8 hours ago, Thenewwildone8 said:

I think Vlad is overrated, while Arenado is a proven bat in his prime. His BABIP is .235 he’ll be fine. Vlad is hitting .269/.340/.462 with a regular BABIP, similar to last year.

A .800 OPS year 2, at what 21?

Next year is arenados last in Coors, he has a opt out clause

Uncle you can flip Arenado for something big, pass

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If you can only keep 4, I would take the Arenado side and the draft pick. I agree that I think Vlad is a bit overrated, and though I do think Ticker will be good, I don't think he will necessarily be great. In a 10 team league you need to stock up on the best of the best and I think Arenado is and will be for a long time.

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