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Please rate my team! WHIR

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12 team standard scoring .5 PPR


QB Daniel Jones

RB Clyde Edwards Helaire, Josh Jacobs, David Johnson, Antonio Gibson, Ryquell Armstead

WR Juju, Robert Woods, Marquise Brown, Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, Diontae Johnson, Mecole Hardman

TE Evan Engram

D/ST Colts

K Never draft a kicker


I felt pretty good after the draft, let me know what you think. WHIR



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I like your team a lot at the skill positions.   CEH can definitely make or break your team.


Only area I see that needs improvement right off the bat is your QB.   If you can somehow work out a trade to upgrade there I would feel better.



Thank you for the help with mine!


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Solid team. Jones has the weapons, so if he can take that next step, you will be even better. As for WR, I like Woods, but having both PIT WR does concern me, especially if Big Ben doesn't stay healthy. But there is definite potential with your WR group. GL!



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Thanks for the help with mine. I think it’s a good looking roster but you do have some risk there in hoping that Jones makes a leap forward and that CEH produces for at least 2nd round value,  both definitely possible but not locks. The only suggestion would be to try and see if you could get more depth at RB because if DJ doesn’t pan out, which I hope he does because I drafted him too, then you could be very thin there. 

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TThis is a solid team, I actually like Daniel Jones, he could be an absolute monster, but he will probably disappear some games. You've got 3 potential beast RB's and 4 potential starter WR's so, if any of them are underperforming or get hurt at least you have some solid depth. I like the spread of RB- One major upside, one totally solid, and one old guy who just needs to stay healthy and catch some balls. Overall I like it, there is a bit of injury risk with Engram, DJ, I might see if there's a stud backup TE in FA that starts showing up early you could drop Mecole if he isn't doing anything in the first few weeks, that would make me feel better about Engram



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