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Leave comment on league page, reply here, or send email to rockbottom221@hotmail.com if interested - Thanks!

** Prestige Worldwide 2K20 (1 SPOT OPEN) ** AUCTION DRAFT

First and foremost, this is a $75 money league. Draft will be Sunday, September 6th at 7pm EST….12 team H2H format with 3 divisions. The scoring and settings is set up like your basic fantasy football league. The only difference is all tds are 6pts. and it’s a PPR (1pt) league – no bonuses.. Start: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), DEF, K The 3 division winners, 2 best wildcard records, and highest scoring team for the season from the remaining 7 teams will advance to playoffs (regardless of record). Top 2 division winners receive first-round byes.

All funds will be handled through leaguesafe.com and payouts are 100%. The payouts are: 1st - $400 2nd - $200 3rd - $100 4th - $70
Top weekly score $10 (13 weeks)
Total Payout - $900 ($75 x 12 teams)

Check league page for Season cancellation safeguards in regards to refunding of dues


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A couple questions your player acquisition you've got Monday listed ??you're not allowing guys to get picked up on a Monday are u ?? waiting till at least Tuesday nite or later or are you allowing pickups from the previous week on a Monday? and for your player acquisition you have listed continuous what does that mean? Im intrigued in your league because I like the fact you are allowing high points among the remaining 7...fantasy football needs to be about points that's.. And last I was in an ESPN league last year were the commissioner disappeared after the draft every time we tried ask him a question about why this was this or that was that ...we got crickets . He'd literally cut off the pick up for pickups at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday so if you had a week where you had six teams on bye and @ 11:30 ish the injury report came out 2 of your guys we're not going to play there was no way you could pick up from the waiver wire nor could you change your lineupz!!!! every owner I believe asked him what the problem was never answered the question I'm not sure anyone got paid I ended up going one I believe 7 and 6 but missed the playoffs but it was a joke . If you can answer those questions sorry (I'm so wordy) I might get in I'm looking for one more league that will give me 10 but 6 of mine are "best ball" I prefer best ball over anything now . And tell me that we're not going to allow a lopsided trades if you are a "collusion only" commissioner than I probably will pass

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