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Rojo for AP? WHIR 100%

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This is tough, since we don't know what TB is gonna do with Fournette & Rojo. AP will get the start, but if WASH goes does quickly, have to believe he is replaced with a pass catching RB. I could be wrong though. Maybe wait a few days, to see if TB trades Rojo, because I can't see them holding onto all of those RB: Fournette, Rojo, Vaughn, Shady, & Ogunbowale.

If you can pick up Gibson, I would feel better about trading for AP. But it's not a terrible trade. GL!

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Thanks for the help with mine. 

I don't think either have much long-term appeal, but I'd probably lean toward the RoJo side. In any form of PPR, AP is likely to have some empty stats, and I really don't expect him to be on the field much for such a bad team. At least with RoJo, he is younger, on a better team, and his role could shake out to have meaningful carries than AP could ever dream of. 

Now, I'm also of the belief that Fournette becomes the lead back sooner than later, but there's just no way to tell based on what we have right now. It's a tough call and this point in time - and kind of a lateral move tbh. Another reason why I'd lean toward just staying put.

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