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2020 September Closer Thread

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Woooooo baseball made it to September!

I would say that the evidence clearly points to Ginkel being the guy. Not only did they give him the first save opportunity out of the gate, but after he blew that one they gave him the next one right

I'd like to congratulate myself on jinxing Mr. Ginkel. Only took three days for him to be sent down.

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Here is a topic to kickoff the September thread. I wanted to see just how chaotic the closer carousel has been this year so I took a look to see how many guys that I would categorize as the current unquestioned closer on their team that you could be reasonably expect, barring injury, to still have the same role at the end of the season, which is only about three weeks away.

I came up with only a dozen. In a general order of certainty...

Hendriks -- Cream of the crop

Chapman  -- Will miss a few games due to suspension

Kenley -- Still reliable

Hader -- The five-walk implosion concerning but still a weapon

Colome -- Rock solid 

Hand -- Settled down since everyone wanted to dump him for Karinchak

Kintzler - Surprisingly consistent

Pressley -- Struggled to transition in but now established as the guy

Montero -- Wish I had gotten in early

Melancon -- Has a few challengers in the pen but has been fine

Hudson -- Some shaky moments but think they stick with him despite presence of Rainey

Iglesias -- Doesn't look like Bradley is a threat.


Bard that probably deserves to be on but so much uncertainty with Coors and his history. Barnes likely the guy the rest of the way for Red Sox but that team is such a mess is tough to predict anything with reasonable certainty. That's about it.

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re: Az, i think it has to be Crichton next time out there. He did his job and no one else did. 

Related: can we come up with a nickname for him after Michael Crichton stories? Jurassic Park? Andromeda Strain?

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33 minutes ago, KingJoffrey said:

You think the Hudson situation is solid? I'd say he's a couple more blowups away from losing that job.


If he needs a couple more blowups to lose his job, I think he is relatively secure. Sure, if he blows two in a row in bad fashion he might be toast, but I think the Nats want to keep him in the role and its reasonable to assume that he will pitch well enough to keep the job for another three weeks.

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13 hours ago, LarryChip10 said:

Felix Pena on for the ANA save. Looked calm, heart of SD order... (Tatis Jr., Machado, Hosmer)... clean inning w/ a K.

Anything to see here?

Best reliever in that pen.  Capable of closer duties.  Buttery could implode any time.

Should be rostered.

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7 minutes ago, KingJoffrey said:


How many Buttrey implosions do you figure before Pena gets the job?


I would say 1.  Doesn't Maddon have a short leash with closers?

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