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2020 September Closer Thread

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Woooooo baseball made it to September!

I would say that the evidence clearly points to Ginkel being the guy. Not only did they give him the first save opportunity out of the gate, but after he blew that one they gave him the next one right

I'd like to congratulate myself on jinxing Mr. Ginkel. Only took three days for him to be sent down.

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4 hours ago, KingJoffrey said:

I think Neris is a high risk maneuver.  He has blown up many a teams ERA.


Definitely a risk, but looking at his career numbers he's been good more than he's been bad.  2018 was the outlier where his numbers were putrid.  All other seasons they were respectable.

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Just now, cyberer said:

Crichton got trout-rendon-pujols 1-2-3 for the save. He’s the closer officially for now I’d say. 

I wonder if he’s gonna get any consideration for the job next year? 

I hope so, that's why I picked him up. Crossing my fingers.

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3 hours ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

Hudson being a jokie joke as per usual, giving up a bomb to lowe with 2 outs. [...]


[....] Didn't he end up getting the Win, anyways? That's a decent consolation prize. That hanging slider to Lowe was brutal though.

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