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James Robinson 2020 Outlook

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Non-Robinson owners and former owners who "sold high" many weeks ago continue to throw shade at a guy who is: #4 in rushing attempts among all RBs (behind Henry, Cook, Jacobs) #3 in rushing

James Robinson.

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3 minutes ago, JAG_challam said:

Has this dude even thrown for any TDs yet? 3 weeks in and zero passing scores is bad, mmm'kay?

😳 ooooooook

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7 hours ago, collucho said:

I can hear your grand kids response now, "No one cares about your fantasy football championship from 40 years ago, old man." 🤣

Eh, it’ll just be one of the stories grandchildren don’t want to hear over and over. Lol  


7 hours ago, Spyplane said:

Can't bring myself to trade him right now for sure. I'm likely riding or dying with JR.

Same here. No desire to trade him.


2 hours ago, Bugs bunny said:

😳 ooooooook


That whooshing sound was his sarcasm flying over your head :D

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3 hours ago, Kaii23 said:

I'm putting trade offers out for 1st and 2nd round receivers straight up. If I get a bite I'll be happy. If not I'll just roll the dice on him continuing to ball. 

I wouldn't trade him for almost anyone besides maybe a top 3 RB like kamara. This kid is so legit and passes the eye test by miles. 

Wish you the best of luck tho 🍀

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10 hours ago, kp96 said:

Fantasypros has him as the #12 RB start this week.  In other words, an RB1.


19 minutes ago, humanpuck said:

Wow yahoo fantasy flex rankings have our boy at 11 overall for week 4

Worthless “experts”. More like #1 overall. 

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5 hours ago, BallinOnnaBudget said:

Everyone say a prayer, hopefully none of the infected have been chilling with our boy JRob...



Damn. I’m glad I don’t use twitter. A bunch of idiots making comments on that thread. 


19 minutes ago, ILuvABGs said:

The DeVonte Graham of FF.

Got the analogy. I like it. Hopefully Jrob can stay healthy. 

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