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Potential make or break my season question

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Hey guys I'm in keeper league where you get 6 pts for a QB TD pass. This makes QB's a little more valuable than when they score 4 pts per.    I have back to back picks and then won’t pick again for 20 picks.   Here's the situation.... 


My team right now is David Johnson (kept him over fournette and Ekler to draft 1st and get Clyde) Clyde Edwards/ Odell Becks / Amari Coops/ and I have back to back picks here.  Is the smarter strategy move to take a top 3-4 QB here and then a WR or RB, or should I wait a couple more rounds for a QB and take another RB and WR here with my back to back picks?  Thanks! 

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34 minutes ago, Acidious said:

Am I understanding correctly that this is the 4/5 turn? Who is available?

Personally I'd likely wait on QB. I'd grab Ertz or Andrews if they were available here or just accumulate RB/WR.

Yes, 4/5 turn.  Dak, Murray, Wilson, Watson are available.  As are RB's Bell Ingram and Melvin   WR's Allen, Parker, Hilton and Diggs.  Te's available are Waller, Ingram, Henry.  Leaning Passing on a QB and going Hilton and someone else.   But with QB's getting 6 for a passing TD I'm still on the fence

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Opinions?  No way am I waiting around for Minshew here.  At the very least I'd wait a couple more rounds and grab a tier 3 or 4 QB like Big Ben or Cam or even Brady or Baker.  If theyre gone which I doubt, MAYBE I'd wait another round or two to round 9 or so to grab a Cousins or Tannehill. but I can't go lower than that in a 6pts per TD pass league.

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