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Brian Hill 2020 Outlook

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Now that I've posted a fun GIF, let's do something more serious.  I saw above (and/or in Gurley thread) the speculation that this might turn into a brutal RBBC with Gurley out.  Anything is possible,

Straight trash can....Covid/Injuries forced me to pick this joke up off waivers and play him. Dude is horrid.

Brian Hill is just not very good.

8 hours ago, Thrill22 said:

He had opportunities last year and didn't do much with them. But he is a RB with a pulse that will get 10+ touches, do I can see the appeal. 

He looks like a different back this year. He actually has looked pretty good. 

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1 hour ago, brosephd said:

any concern with gurley's knee ROS? desperate for a RB2 and hoping Hill can be that guy if Gurley knees are shut down worthy.

Gurley has been a concern since he led the league in TDs and then suddenly in the middle of their run to the Superbowl he disappeared. I mean literally not on the field in the playoffs during important plays. But we all know his history so I’m just preaching to a choir here. But short answer is Yes. 

I mean a few weeks ago during the game, the team/announcers mentioned that they are preserving him for the 4th quarter in a very closely contested game. The opponent escape my mind at the moment and not important. The important take away is that he is damaged good. For pete’s sakes we even saw him doing all sort of stretches and exercise on the sideline. I have never seen any RBs do those sort of things. And of course his fillin was Hill and he looks explosive. Maybe it is time to give him the touches. 

But of course Gurley is beasting in the redzone and the team willing to give him the ball in the RZ. But with the season pretty much in the book for ATL. Are they slowing “preserving” him and Julio? I’m starting to think so. Hill time? Why not grab him and find out. 


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1 hour ago, LacesOut said:

I expect a full rbbc but it would be nice if Hill was to either take control or have the bigger share of the committee. 

I'm worried about the guy they brought up from the practice squad, I know it was preseason, but last year the guy put up huge numbers, and with Atlanta having nothing to play for, why not see what he can do

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2 minutes ago, Jordan23 said:

So they are going with only 2 active RBs?  Is that normal?

It’s certainly not out of the ordinary. Many teams go into game day with only 2 active RB’s. It happens. 

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