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Lynn Bowden Jr. 2020 Outlook

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Our strategy of drafting a 3rd rounder and packaging him up with a 6th rounder all to trade for a future 4th rounder has got to pay off one of these days....right?

No idea what Lynn is mumbling, I’m just scoping out that hottie Paloma 😎

There wasn't a post for him already? I guess it makes sense, but I'm a dynasty nerd so I know all about him.


He's a good prospect that probably pissed off his coach. I think he's a decent stash in deep leagues, especially if the Parker injury is serious. More likely a WW get later in the year once Breida gets hurt or Howard under performs.


This is really good news for Jacobs owners. A reason I was fading him was because Bowden, Richard, and Riddick were going to limit his passing work. Now 2/3 are gone.

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For deep leagues and dynasty players he might end up better off. MIA seems to clearly view him as a WR and they have very few options outside of Preston/Parker.

In this spread attack, he could run a lot of slot routes--if he can get up to speed and be active this week. Watch list guy.

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3 minutes ago, pbjfb said:

Wr/rb eligible in Yahoo. Would be an interesting pick if he gets back to playing rb


True, but unlikely with Howard, Breida, Gaskin, and Laird all in front of him--not that any of that group is particularly impressive, I just don't see Bowden getting more than gadget-play snaps with that group there. Bowden's real "upside" probably only exists if Tua's hip ends up being a problem and Bowden gets meaningful QB snaps later in the season once Miami is tanked (Bowden did play some QB in college last year, though it was basically a RB as a QB).

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Based on his end days raiders tweets they were asking him to take some lumps and hits to the pride and he just wanted to play football... he wasn't falling in line with what they wanted and Lynn wants to shine and star on the football field... the reason its on mayock is that phone call pre draft or pre draft interview... they probably swooned over dude he said yeah I play some football then he gets there Gruden being Gruden and liking players to earn their licks... Lynn gets there wants red carpet and the ball... gruden like um yeah you need to earn it here in practice and Allen Iverson says practice?!?!? Just give me the ball... now what miami has is anyone's guess... but they need a couple guys and if Lynn wants to be bout bout in practice we'll be seeing him on Sundays more than once... this could be Antonio Gibson type if he'd get after it...Bowden did special things even if it was for Kentucky 

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Drafted by the raiders in the 3rd round quickly dumped by them to the phins been on the field for like 3 plays. Clearly the Allen Iverson of practice... but at Kentucky led in receiving rushing and passing all in the same season as he had to do it all...seems to be talented but his motivation is lacking other than in drips swag and rides...I'd really like to see him get his head on here and flex on the field... could be a Denard Robinson type to make a late season splash the opportunity is there but he doesn't appear to want it... anyone have any insight cause I want to like his prospects...

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  • tonycpsu changed the title to Lynn Bowden Jr. 2020 Outlook

The Gaskin news makes this guy much more interesting to me. He's listed as WR/RB in Yahoo, at least.

It seemed like he was involved early last week and then they went away from him entirely or whatever they'd hoped to do wasn't there. I don't know, I wasn't watching it. Any Dolphins fans have a hunch on this guy?

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