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$100 Yahoo Auction Draft Tonight

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1 minute ago, flyy1313 said:

Hey just wanna clear something up at the top of this page you've got $200 auction but in the settings it says 100?? I hope it is 200 I'm just used to that cause that's what all my other ones are and then for FAAB that is a 1000?

Your looking at faab not auction

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2 minutes ago, flyy1313 said:

Not to be negative but "joining isn't paying".. a lot of guys do this on a nightly basis they join 3 or 4 then they make a decision on what they're going to do... if this goes past midnight we need to think about tomorrow night if it works for everybody?...

just open it up to like 18 teams then first to pay up 12 teams fills it..delete the others. 

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32 minutes ago, flyy1313 said:

Just refund the money I'm not doing this again tomorrow night I was worried this was going to happen.. I'm not mad at anybody but I don't want this just hanging out there and we're doing the same thing tomorrow night

Yeah sorry/Yahoo changing the start time, surprised. Going to try for tommorow.

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