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Startup 30-team extremely deep fantasy baseball league


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Ducks on a Pond is a startup 30-team fantasy baseball league that aims to be one of the deepest, most demanding leagues out there today. We are looking for skillful and committed GMs willing to devote the time and effort needed to achieve glory (and the hefty prize). Some details:

  • 30 teams, named after real life MLB franchises

  • ProBoards forum for transaction records, Fantrax for scoring, Google Sheets for roster tracking, Slack for communication

  • Variable buy-in system based on luxury tax decisions

  • 26-man roster with 12 starters, 40-man roster, and 170+ player minor league system for each team

  • 150+ game daily H2H Points schedule and 10-team playoff mimicking MLB playoffs

  • Contracts and luxury tax

  • Offseason free agent bidding period as well as a separate international free agency

  • Arbitration salary adjustments

  • Annual Rule 4 and Rule 5 drafts

A full 20+ page constitution is available for view to anyone who expresses interest in the league. If interested, reach out with the team you are interested in taking.

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More than interested, have executed winning strategies for existing franchises (true to life) w/ Dbacks and others in (up to) 24-30 team highly competitive leagues. I can send my full Resume on demand. Suffice to say, this sounds fun!

Send Constitution to (No spaces) m i n ion ofthe w a stes @ gmail.com and I'll get back ASAP.

Prefer the franchises in this order:

(Far and away) Dodgers (Will be moving them to crooklyn in my head lol),



Twins/Rays (Tie?). More than okay paying more in Luxury $ as will be expected w/ some of them.

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