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2020 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread


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Let’s see those squads that got us here. League info, standings, etc would be good to note as well.  

12 team, PPR, #2 w the bye 

QB - Herbert 

RB1 - Dalvin 

RB2 - Zeke (or JTaylor) 

WR1 - Tyreek 

WR2 - ARob (or DionJohnson)

TE - Waller 

Flex - AJBrown (or DionJohnson) 

D - CLE (v NYG & NYJ in playoffs)

K - Lutz

Bench - Jonnu, MSanders, Akers, AMattison, BScott

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12 team STD (with distance of touchdowns scored) #2. Playing the #7 team. Record was 18-8 (we play two teams each week). Had a lot of injuries to deal with. 

QB - Rodgers

RB - C.Carson, Swift, Connor, Jacobs

WR - Galloway, Lazard, Ridley, Lockett, Pittman

TE - (was J Smith until injury) - Tonyan

K - Justin Tucker

Def - Balt

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Dynasty league. 12 Team PPR SF. 

I am not the top seed, nor am I the favorite to win it.

QB Watson

SF Brady

RB1 Dalvin Cook

RB2 Aaron Jones

WR1 Michael Thomas

WR2 DeAndre Hopkins

WR3 Mike Evans

Flex Kupp/Lockett/Chris Carson

TE Kelce

Def -Indy/TB plus streaming 


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12 team, PPR, First seed (no bye :( )

QB - Herbert 

RB1 - CMC 

RB2 - JRob

WR1 - Adams 

WR2 - Diggs

TE - Kelce

Flex - Cooks or Kupp or Conner

D - SEA (until week 16)

K - Koo

Bench - Marvin Jones, Gio, Mike Davis, Josh Reynolds

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2020 Fantasy Football League
(14-Team .5 PPR League) 

Record has been 12-1 this year. Looking to take home the bag this year $$$

QB: Kyler Murray, Taysom Hill
WR: Davante Adams, Hollywood Brown, Justin Jefferson,
RB: Derrick Henry, James Robinson, Jonathan Taylor, James Conner
TE: Robert Tonyan, Hayden Hurst, George Kittle (IR)
Younghoe Koo

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12T ppr 2flex

Herbert, JRobinson, Drake, McLaurin, AJBrown, ARobinson, Ridley, LThomas, Rams, Koo


12T ppr dynasty 2flex

Allen, McKissic, Cook, Kupp, KAllen, Gesicki, LThomas (Golladay maybe), Deebo, Saints, Poyer

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14 team .5ppr league, currently at 10-3, will finish 1st regardless of this weeks outcome.


QB:  Rodgers

RB:  Cook, swift, Murray, mixon

WR:  Hopkins, Lockett, Godwin, T. Higgins, Pittman

TE:  Goddert, L. Thomas 

K:  Blankenship

Def:  Rams,  Browns


notable moves:  picked up Godwin, Higgins, mixon, goddert off waivers,  dropped:  Ackers, d. Johnson, J.kelley, Stafford, Minshew. 

mid-season made a trade for Rodgers, giving up Thielen.  


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12 Team 1/2 Pt PPR Offense Only Keeper League. No Defense/Kickers.Br We get to keep two players each year at where we drafted them. My Keepers were Saquon (RD 1) and Hopkins (RD 3).Also 6th seed is determined by points not record, which this year is a godsend for me because I led the league in points but had a 5-8 record. Points against was horrific and worst in the league by far. Injuries also tried their best to deter my team each week. I went 11 straight weeks with some kind of in game injury, and that doesn't even count guys ruled out before the week like Julio, Dionte, Golladay, Montgomery etc. Been a very trying year yet somehow managed to make it to the playoffs. Here's my squad

QB-Russell Wilson

WR-DeAndre Hopkins

WR-Julio Jones

WR-Justin Jefferson

RB-James Robinson

RB-David Montgomery

TE-Dallas Goedert

Flex-Dionte Johnson

BN-TY Hilton

BN-Frank Gore

BN-Michael Pittman Jr.


BN-Kenny Golladay

IR-Saquon Barkley


Just for fun here's my week 1 opponent, the 2nd highest scoring team in the league who finished as a 3 seed.


QB-Aaron Rodgers

WR-A.J. Brown

WR-Tyler Lockett

WR-Brandin Cooks

RB-Derrick Henry


TE-Hunter Henry

Flex-Marvin Jones (for now)

BN right now includes Chris Godwin, JK Dobbins, Cam Akers, Darius Slayton, Big Ben, and Le'Veon. I'm expecting him to go back to Godwin. Right now about a 6 pt favorite but Godwin would cut that to 2

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QB - Herbert

WR - Tyreek

WR - Juju 

RB - A Jones 

RB - Da Johnson 

TE - L Thomas 

Flex 1 - Co Davis 

Flex 2 - Antonio 

K - Lutz 

D/ST - SF 


Bench - K Murray-  J Jacobs - Gurley - Pittman -  J Williams 


Feels weird benching Murray for the first time all year, other than his bye week, in the first round of the playoffs but his match up is terrible and Herbert’s match up couldn’t be better.


Finished in 3rd with most points scored, losing Fuller and Jacobs right before the start of the playoffs was brutal.


Fingers crossed...

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9 hours ago, SkinsChargersFan said:

There should only be a thread like this for Championship teams.


Playoffs? C’mon. I assume 90% of the posters on this forum made it to the playoffs in at least one league.


Making the Playoffs isn’t an accomplishment.


i just automatically assume that most on this bored have a stacked roooooster, secured the 1 seed, and have a first rd bye 🤷‍♂️

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Here's what a probably one and done in the playoffs team looks like. 8-5 record, 4th place finish, 12 team standard league. 





RB-Booker (or Sanders if Jacobs plays for LV)





Bench WRs-Higgins, Patrick

Bench RBs-Sanders, Harris, Edwards, Pollard


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Made it with a 7-6 record in my 12 man half ppr league with this team:

QB: Herbert

RB: Jacobs, McKissic

WR: Jones, Beasley (MVP), Aiyuk

TE: Gesiki

FLEX: Landry

K: Carlson

DEF: Ravens

Bench: Gio, Lazard, T. Hill, J. Smith, Booker, Hines


This team is mostly waiver wire pickups, since I drafted old bums like Ryan, Hilton and Ingram. I'm only going after young studs at next years draft.

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