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Marvin Jones 2020 Outlook

Nap Time

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Lions fan checking in!

Sorry but unfortunately I have not much insight to contribute.  I'm just as confused as the rest of you.  Before the season I thought he as a lock for a 4 rec/50 yard floor with 100 yard/TD upside weekly.  Obviously that's not he case, but Marvin is absolutely still an above average receiver. 

He is a great team guy and still has good relationship with Stafford.  He actually led all Lions receivers in snaps yesterday - more than Kenny G.  So, whoever mentioned locker room issue, intentional phase out, I don't think any of those theories hold water.  They're just spreading the ball around a lot, and for some reason the offense is having trouble hitting it's stride this year.  I have noticed he's had a few drops, and as a guy with supreme hands, it's uncharacteristic and I think he will correct that.

Are better games ahead?  Yes.  Is he going to be a consistent every-week contributor?  We have our answer, he's not.  I don't advise running to the WW just to dump him, but I certainly understand managers who may have to cut him out of necessity due to bye, injury, etc.

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For those interested, a Lions writer did a write-up on Marvin based on this past week's All-22 film:


What happened to Marvin Jones?

Many fans—myself included—were concerned by Jones’ lack of production over the past two games. He’s managed just three catches and 17 yards total over that span, causing many to throw accusations that he’s dogging it or that he just doesn’t have it any more.

I didn’t see signs of either of those things against the Jaguars. It’s a boring answer to this question, but Jones was just mostly a decoy on Sunday—and an effective one, at that. Let me show you some examples:


This is the Lions’ patented deep shot to Marvin Hall, and Marvin Jones Jr. is the key to it all. He needs to run his route behind the linebackers, and has to convince that deep middle safety the ball is coming his way. That way, it opens up the middle of the field for Hall, who has inside leverage on the deep left defensive back. It works to perfection:


Stafford threw the ball considerably behind Hall, who had to slow to get it, allowing the Jaguars defensive back to break it up.

Another example:


With the Jaguars in man-to-man coverage with a single high safety, Jones’ job is to clear out the middle of the field. Jacksonville often tried to take away deep shots, so we saw Detroit use their running backs, tight ends and slot receivers (responsible for 18 of 31 pass targets) as their primary reads.

Jones’ purpose here is to occupy that middle safety and give Amendola room, as long as he can beat his guy. Jones, too, could be an option here, but it would be a much more difficult “turkey hole” throw. Again, everything works to perfection here. Amendola beats his guy, Jones occupies the safety, and it’s an easy 19-yard pickup:


So am I really concerned about Marvin Jones Jr.? No, not really. Sure, he isn’t getting a ton of separation, but that’s always been the case. Just look at the Next Gen Stats for Average Separation

2016: 2.0
2017: 2.2
2018: 2.2
2019: 2.1
2020: 1.8

Yes, it is smaller, but not to the point where we’d see this significant drop in overall production.

The truth is, Jones has a reputation as a significant weapon, and the Lions are using that to their advantage. And let’s not forget that Jones had a 20-yard catch in this game called back due to a ticky-tacky illegal hands to the face penalty on Joe Dahl.


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3 hours ago, JJ1223 said:

For those interested, a Lions writer did a write-up on Marvin based on this past week's All-22 film:


This makes me feel better. Thank you!

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4 hours ago, ajs723 said:

Will be good. He's always produced when Golladay misses time. He's immediately a high upside WR3. Even if Golladay is fine, I think he needs to be back on the fantasy radar. 

except for 2 of the 3 weeks golladay has missed in 2020

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Vikings are having to play a DB that was cut by the Lions a few weeks ago. They have 3 or 4 DB's that are injured and might have to promote someone else of the practice squad.

If the Detroit O-Line can protect the QB, Detroit should score at least 40 no matter who the QB is. 

I think Chase Daniels torched the Vikings as the starting QB in Chicago last year. And the Vikes defense was at least halfway decent last year. I would think Marvin should have a good day tomorrow with the Vikings Def in the shape that it is in this year.


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