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$50 PPR Auction | Sat 9/12 9:00 PM EST | Superflex | 10 Team | ESPN | Leaguesafe

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Auction at 9:00pm EST. Here are the details:


1 QB


2 RB

3 WR




8 BN

1 IR


1. $240
2. $120
3. $70
reg season total points: $70

Auction budget: 250

The 4 seed in the playoffs will be the non-qualified team with the most total points, NOT the team with the 4th best record. So play your best team every week and you never know! (You're never mathematically eliminated until the very end)


4 Teams will make the playoffs; week 13-14 semifinals and week 15-16 finals


If week 16 does not finish (for some covid related reason), all buy ins will be refunded.


Chiefs and Texans players can be started or sat in week 1 at your discretion. Keep this in mind during the auction. If ESPN automatically puts one of those players on your bench or in your lineup, and you want to switch it, let me know before kickoff on Sunday and I'll change it (you probably won't be able to because ESPN will lock the player since they've played).






Leave your email here, and I'll invite on ESPN.  Use the link to pay on Leaguesafe.

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okay that is good to know because I am busy all day Saturday too.  I can only do at night.


"The 4 seed in the playoffs will be the non-qualified team with the most total points, NOT the team with the 4th best record"


Just to ask the obvious but say the 4th seed has the most points, they are still the 4th seed , correct?  

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