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TRADE WHIR: Michael Thomas for Kenyan Drake And Keenan Allen?

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1 hour ago, BallinOnnaBudget said:

Aight bro, I've read every response.. I'm invested lol. Let us know, did you pull the trigger or let it go?

Seems like everyone is 50/50 about it. I'm trying to negotiate to get the guy to throw edmonds in there bc I need that safety net LOL i appreciate your investment

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The crux of the trade is he gets the New Orleans WR1, you get the Arizona RB1 and San Diego WR1.  That's a fair trade to me.  But he's essentially saying, I get the New Orleans WR1 and maybe I also get the AZ RB1, leaving you on the end of a very bad deal.  It smacks of dealing in bad faith to me.  Tell him to pound sand if he doesn't want to include Edmonds.

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It's a reasonable deal but I'd have to get Chase to pull the trigger. 

Tyreek for Drake is pretty fair, maybe he'd do that?

Actually upon second look that second deal would leave you pretty thin at WR. 

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21 hours ago, LookeeHereKeith said:

I don't think I'd trade THE #1 WR for a WR that has a pretty long injury history (Keenan Allen), who also doesn't have Rivers throwing at him anymore, and an RB in a division that has the defenses they do in the NFC West.


Keenan Allen played in all 16 3 years straight. Why do people still think he’s injury prone? Guess he’ll never shake that rep.

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