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2020 Vent & Rant Thread

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Me going up against Kamara and Thielen watching the last minutes:    

Check this lost this weekend. .. I needed 3.83 from Singletary . got 3.80    110.92 vs. Compare Managers

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5 minutes ago, JaylenBrownFanclub said:

Parker mostert and sanders all get hurt on my team. On top of that lost by less than 1 point last week after keenan leaves the game early. I feel bad for the players i roster

I felt this. Lucky i got a 30 point lead, but if those three miss extended time, my season is pretty much done

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6 hours ago, bangarrang said:

My opponent put no effort into getting a bye week fill in and trotted Trey frickin Burton out there. The same Trey Burton that hasn't scored a TD since December 2018 or gone over 40 yards since October 2018.


What does he do? Hang up 2 TDs on me of course.


Between that and Aaron Rodgers just taking a dump on the field for me and both Mostert and Montgomery failing to punch it in from the 1, I'm not having a good time in fantasy this week.



Tea leaves showed Burton was in a good position to produce this weekend. No Cox and a quarterback that loves to throw to his TE. Burton had 6 targets last week. No one should be surprised he produced. Obviously the rushing touchdown was an added bonus for us that started him, but i wouldn't say your opponent playing Burton was some sign of him not trying and just getting lucky

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Just dreadful. In 0.25 PPR I lost in a 12 team league with Derrick Henry putting up 40 points. 

My 3 WRs were OBJ, Cupp, and John Brown. My TE was Tonyan. All 4 of these games the over/under was higher than 50. In every game, the script was passing from behind. 

They combined for 59 ******** yards. WTF 

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3 heartbreakers in my league:

I had Allen and Tyreek and they sucked tonight. Had they played to their averages, I win easily.

HOWEVER, other games in my league had even worse beats:

Drakes run turned a double digit deficit into a win in one matchup, and that prompted a Zane Gonzalez XP, which enabled another game where the owner won by .05.


Guess it could always be worse for me.

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Kingbury still had his starters in up 21 with 2 mins no timeouts for cowboys .... wtf ***** ridiculous drake just cost me my matchup lol don’t think I’m playing this game for a few years, lost last week by 2 points had Dak (Injury), Cook (injury), Ronald Jones (robbed of a td by refs). So 2 losses with worst luck I’ve ever had in fantasy.  Btw this is a 2k buy in

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3 minutes ago, atrium said:

Honest question for you all. How happy would you be with this team in a 0.5 ppr, 10 team league?



Dude seriously get that garbage out of here man, you serious? This isn’t assistant coach forums dude.  I just lost in my 2k buy in money league grand prize 12.5k .... from that Kenyan drake 70 yard td run in garbage time when he should t have even been on the field.  this is VENT AND RANT !!    

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