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Me going up against Kamara and Thielen watching the last minutes:    

Check this lost this weekend. .. I needed 3.83 from Singletary . got 3.80    110.92 vs. Compare Managers

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In my big money league, I needed to win out starting this week to have a shot of sneaking in to the playoffs.  Thought I had a solid lineup set for this past weekend and was looking good matchup wise on paper, but I didn't get a single touchdown from any of my players.  Goff, M Sanders, J Robinson, Godwin, AJ Brown, Hockenson, Gio.  Scored a grand total of 70.98 points, will end up losing by over 50 points.  Disgusting!


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RoJo.. my guy.. I've been advocating him all year and deservedly so. He's by far the superior back in Tampa. I benched him last week for some other solid options and it worked out. Sunday morning I had an inkling to start him this week in a get right spot for Tampa against a run funnel D but opted for two volume plays in Gio and duke.. who combined 11 points compared to Ronald's 25. I'm in an intense points race (points leader comes away with quite a bit of the pot in this league [12 team $250 buy in]) and this one stings quite a bit but I deserve it for turning my back on my guy like that. I already have him in my starting lineup for next week. 

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On 11/13/2020 at 7:13 PM, Tenner said:

Stupid trade policies. 

On Tuesday night I submitted a trade of Antonio Brown + Jamaal Williams for Drew Brees. My trade partner accepted the trade immediately and designated to drop Trey Burton. 

Because Trey Burton played last night ESPN won’t push the trade through until next Tuesday. Because you can’t drop a player who has already played. 

And now I’m stuck with Brown and Williams. They are locked as they are designated to be traded. 

And now I need to clear a roster spot somehow to add a kicker. My 2:1 trade would have taken care of that. 

Out of being retarded I dropped Big Ben for Mullens. And now my trade of Antonio Brown and Jamaal Williams for Drew Brees is being processed at 3 am next morning. 


Just phucked

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Superflex league. My QB3s this year:

Tyrod Taylor - Literally almost dies. 

Dwayne Haskins - Permanently benched. 

Nick Foles - Breaks his hip. 


I'm done even trying to have a third QB. I'll just flex in another position player when needed. 


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Lost last week on Thursday of the following week when they corrected the stats of Justin Herbert (he fumbled occasionaly).

Before correction:

I won by a margin of 0.6 points

After correction: 

I lost by 0.4 points

-> On Thursday!


I am now 4-5 instead of 6-4 and will miss the Playoffs appearently.

Worst thing: I made waiver adds and trades as if I won and would not have the absolute necessity to win the next matchup (e.g. Deebo Samuel add on BYE) lol. 


F M L 😄 

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Went off the grid for just a few hours today and apparently i missed the entire league missing practice.  Had to cancel a trade offer I was keen on and I once again have to plug Damien Harris in maybe three lineups after planning to bench him across the board.   

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#1 in scoring 😃

Almost 200 points scored more than anyone else 😁

4-6 record 😭

The weirdest thing is that I'm 1 game from last place and 2 games from 2nd place

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I had and lost Ekeler but also had Kelley. Picked up Justin Jackson. Neither panned out as Lynn said he needed a spark at RB even though Jackson was playing well. So I picked up Pope. Jackson and Pope get hurt, Kelley doesn’t play and my rival picks up Ballage. Now all of a sudden Lynn wants a bellcow back even though Ballage is such a jag. Unreal. 

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