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2020 Vent & Rant Thread

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Me going up against Kamara and Thielen watching the last minutes:    

Check this lost this weekend. .. I needed 3.83 from Singletary . got 3.80    110.92 vs. Compare Managers

Posted Images

Julio injury...11th straight week I've lost someone to an in game injury. Unbelievable, another loss to go 3-8..with this team that includes


Russell Wilson

Julio Jones

Dionte Johnson

Kenny Golladay

Justin Jefferson

DeAndre Hopkins

James Robinson

David Montgomery

Dallas Goedert

AND lost Saquon at the beginning of the season



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21 minutes ago, TuckAndRolle said:

Turns out dropping Hunter Henry may cost me a playoff spot... I picked up Hooper and Hurst and that's earned me a combined 1.6 points over the last couple weeks, instead of Hunter's 21. Not great


I dropped him and kept Fant.


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Ok, I haven't Vented all year but this really pisses me off.

I haven't really been caring about this year as I'm working on a dynasty rebuild. Well through some trades and a 3 game winning streak I've gotten myself into an outside shot at getting a playoff shot.  I need to win out and need some help in other places so I get it was a long shot.  I'm facing probably the second best team in the league and my team is having a sttrong week EXCEPT Hines who I started over JT.


I've been starting JT week after week after week having him do garbage.  Finally I make the switch today.  Reports say Hines is going to get carries.  now...NOW IS THE WEEK THAT JT WANTS TO GET TOUCHES AND ACTUALLY PLAY WELL????  Had I played JT I'd have a shot to win. 

I understand it wouldn't matter much either way but it's just like cmon man.  This is the kind of crap that always happens in fantasy.  And next week you already know JT is going to be back to being trash next week. 

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Matt Ryan and Julio going to cost me this week against a 2-8 team because one can’t stay healthy and the other turns into hot garbage when Julio’s not on the field. 

Going from a lock for a bye two weeks ago to needing to win out thanks to continual bullshit from a different bum every week.

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6 hours ago, Meets1 said:

Going to lose to a team who has Taysom Hill at TE- such a stupid garbage way to lose. 

I am one who had Hill at TE. ...in one league 26.6 pts out of my TE spot. Can you believe it 26.6 pts?
But all year long when my TEs were garbage I kept looking at all those waiver wire TEs and I couldn’t pull the trigger for more Taysom Hill. That right makes it harder... we all had our chances and just remember we didn’t couldn’t pull the trigger. 

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2 minutes ago, Mmiller186 said:

Man, I hope Kelces boyfriend screws his azz as hard as he screwed me tonight.  Lost 2 of my leagues with that last TD. 

Yeah facing a Kelce/Mahomes stack. That play ended my season

Edit just to say Eff Hayden Hurst as well

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