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2020 Vent & Rant Thread

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I have to keep venting about how bad my TE situation has been all year:

Drafted Jared Cook

Week 1: Cook scores 10

Week 2: Cook scores 8

Week 3: Add and start Jordan Reed since Kittle was injured, Reed scores 3 and leaves the game injured

Week 4: Trade Gaskin for Fant, Fant scores 6 and leaves the game injured

Week 5: Add Alie-Cox who is emerging. He scores 0

Week 6: Add Graham. He scores 5

Week 7: Add Goedert off waivers. Fant is back. He scores 5

Week 8: Goedert is back. He scores 2

Week 9: Desperate for a RB, trade Goedert for Justin Jackson who gets hurt on the first snap of the game. Start Fant and he scores 6

Week 10: Fant scores 3

Week 11: Fant scores 7

Week 12: All of Denver's QBs go on COVID list. Dumpster dive for TE. Add Dissly. He scores 0

Week 13: Back to Fant 



So in total, my TEs have scored 55 points and one TD all year PLUS I traded away Goedert who has emerged as a stud for a RB who didnt even score a point for me.

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Me going up against Kamara and Thielen watching the last minutes:    

Check this lost this weekend. .. I needed 3.83 from Singletary . got 3.80    110.92 vs. Compare Managers

Posted Images

Posted a season-low 68 points this week (.5 PPR).  Here's my list of injured/COVID players: Julio Jones, Jonathan Taylor, Deandre Swift, Adam Thielen, JK Dobbins, Preston Williams.

That's okay.  I'm full of BIG BRAIN plays, right?  Like Derek Carr against the league-worst Falcons pass defense.  Or Slayton against the porous Bengals secondary.  If all else fails, surely my stud RB Kamara will save me and make up for my team's shortcomings.


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2 hours ago, Marty Funkhouser said:

Nice when you play against Adrian Peterson and he outscores your Jacobs/Sanders/Hunt trio by himself.

I'll one up you.  I have that same trio as you but, I also had Swift on the bench out with a concussion.

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Tried to squeak one out but lost by 2 tonight due to JuJu. Was like 50/50 going in and didn’t work out. Rough week overall but same with my opponent. Wish I played Goedert over Gio!


The bigger picture vent though...Started the year 7-0, now 8-4. Probably won’t get the first round bye which is absurd given the start. Hoping for Kamara, Jones, and Murray to really really step up next week to get the bye.



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Did nfl.com just let waivers through last night and then turn them back on til tomorrow?

Maybe I missed something but I thought waivers were running tomorrow night.  Well if I made a mistake that's on me, but if nfl.com botched this then thanks for the lazy programming that cost me players.

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Mini rant since I’m still in first place...but here goes, I could have clinched the top overall seed and a bye if Pitt’s Def had been held under 9 points. With all the COVID drama on Baltimore’s side I figured Pitt had a great shot to surpass that point total but the game had to be played in order for it to happen. Unfortunately for me, the game was played and RG3 throws that first quarter pick 6. I never really stood a chance from there. I wound up losing by 5. Second highest points this week and taking an L ::sigh:: I started both Will Fuller (a whole other vent/rant but I digress) and Antonio Gibson and still somehow took a loss. At least I’ll still have next week to earn that one seed and playoff bye. 

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I hate being the “go to” for my friends fantasy questions.


Got a buddy with an absolutely stacked team in his league stressing about Hopkins or MT as his second wr(bye basically locked up)


While in my league due to byes I have an actual tough choice to make between Pittman and Corey f’ing Davis.(different leagues if it wasn’t obvious) 


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31 minutes ago, hard1 said:

Not one red zone notification yet from yahoo... not starting pretty

nothing worse than that ominous silence on a sunday. That's when you try to tell yourself (if you're out and doing non-football things) "maybe all my guys are playing at 4".

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2 minutes ago, noles1983 said:

Going against Mayfield and having Henry do absolutely nothing.Actually worse than nothing, negative points so far, what a joke. 

Right there with you...in a must win game and so far I would have been better off leaving my RB slot empty instead of starting Henry.

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